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Car Trim Clips and Fasteners

Posted by Lloyd Russell on 14-Feb-2018 06:09:37

There are a thousand and one reasons why you would need replacement car trim clips. We have been supplying almost 1000 body shops across the country for 26 years so consider ourselves as experts on the matter!

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Tags: trim clips, autobody repair

Stock Control Vending Machines: More Than Just A Gimmick?

Posted by Lloyd Russell on 30-Oct-2017 12:54:18

We are sure that at least some of you reading this will have encountered a stock control vending machine at one point or another. They are not exactly widespread, but slowly but surely they are becoming a common sight in the workplace.

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Tags: vending machines, Vendor managed inventory, consignment stock, stock control solutions

Vendor Managed Inventory Vs Consignment Stock

Posted by Lloyd Russell on 30-Oct-2017 12:40:06

Ok, this is a blog post that has been a long time coming. It seems that not a week goes by where we see these two terms interchangeably (and incorrectly) used to describe a wide variety of different things.

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Tags: VMI, Vendor managed inventory, consignment stock

Is Epoxy Resin Being Used Safely In Your Workshop?

Posted by Lloyd Russell on 25-Oct-2017 10:48:55

How to stay safe when working with epoxy resin based adhesives, filler and primer

What Is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxies transformed the world more than anyone ever thought possible when they were first discovered. From flooring to filling, the incredibly durable material seemingly has no end to its uses. This is particularly true in the marine and composites industries. There is probably not a day that goes by in your workplace that epoxy is not used (or thought about) in some way or another. It’s an essential component that we simply could not live without.

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Tags: ppe, Epoxy, GRP, Resin

Electric Polishers Buying Guide

Posted by Lloyd Russell on 25-Oct-2017 10:33:19

We supply electric polishers to a range of industries, here are 4 of our favourites and why:

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Tags: polishing, festool, makita, rupes, electric polishers, polishers

Anest Iwata Spray Gun Buying Guide

Posted by Lloyd Russell on 25-Oct-2017 09:51:58

Anest Iwata Produce Some Of The Finest Spraying Equipment Available We Are A Proud Stockist Of These Stunning Spray Guns

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Tags: finishingtech, spray guns, anest iwata, spraying equipment

Our Top Selling Air Fed Masks

Posted by Lloyd Russell on 25-Oct-2017 09:36:36

Thinking of upgrading your respiratory protection? You can't go wrong with these top selling Air Fed Mask Systems

For any professional in the finishing industries regular exposure to airborne toxic materials is a very real hazard. Harmful particulate can be inhaled into the lungs with ease and can cause a wide range of harmful (sometimes deadly) conditions. Proper respiratory protection is of paramount importance to minimise these very common risks.

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Tags: respiratory protection, airfed mask, ppe

3M Abrasives Buying Guide

Posted by Lloyd Russell on 25-Oct-2017 07:32:11

3M are one of the top global finishing brands, here is a guide to selection for their more popular abrasive products.

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Tags: abrasives, finishingtech, sanding, 3m

How Does The BEST D6 Abrasive Disc Compare With The Market Leaders?

Posted by Lloyd Russell on 25-Oct-2017 06:51:24

We had one of the UK's leading yacht refinishers put BEST to the TEST to see how it stacked up against some of the most acclaimed names in advanced abrasive technology

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Tags: abrasives, best, sanding

BEST Abrasives - A Buyers Guide

Posted by Lloyd Russell on 25-Oct-2017 06:43:26

The range of abrasive products offered by BEST has raised the bar by offering a premium range with competitive pricing


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Tags: abrasives, best, sanding

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